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DO YOUR Parkinson's symptoms disrupt your day?

Many people with Parkinson's experience periods of time when symptoms return before their next dose of Parkinson’s medicine, or when the usual dose does not work as expected. Learn about a treatment option
of people with Parkinson's categorized the return of symptoms as somewhat or very bothersome.*
of people with Parkinson’s reported some level of difficulty in managing the return of their symptoms.*
*In 2019, Acorda Therapeutics conducted a US-based, online market research survey with 150 respondents; 107 people with Parkinson's and 43 care partners who responded on behalf of a PD patient. The mean time since diagnosis was 9.3 years, and all PD patients experienced OFF periods.

Do your Parkinson's symptoms ever disrupt your day?

Are your returning Parkinson's symptoms bothersome?

Do your Parkinson's symptoms ever return unpredictably?

Are there times when your Parkinson's medications are
slow to start working?

Check any of the following symptoms that you experience:


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